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Don’t listen to me. Seriously.

There are 8600 articles out there about how to relieve stress or decrease anxiety during this crazy intense time. I wrote a blog post last week along the lines of “what even IS self care in the midst of a pandemic?”

And it mysteriously disappeared from my website completely and wix tech support is unconcerned so who knows but I think it was pretty much God telling me that you guys don’t need another preacher. Fine. I agree actually.

I am not a lecturer. I am not a mental health expert. I mean, maybe I am, of sorts, compared to someone without an advanced degree in psychology. Even then, I’m still not 100% down with that label.

Because how you get through this thing is not dependent upon whether you follow a list I give you or tune in to a free webinar filled with tips. Ugh. The internet is too big. There are already a lot of really well written and researched, comprehensive articles are out there on mental resilience particular to when the whole world seems to be sick and dangerous and shutting down. Here are some of my favorites:

That discomfort you’re feeling is grief

Breaking the anxiety cycle

Staying connected whilst distancing

No feeling is final

Greater good mind

But really I’m a listener, not a talker. That’s why, aside from practicing mindfulness and self care, I am very hesitant to give general advice.

The way that you react to a mysterious new disease in New York City or being stuck inside for months or suddenly moving back in with your parents (or not being able to plan your life anymore because WTF is happening?!!) … is very much dependent on YOU and your history and coping skills. So I want to hear about that. I want to hear about the lens you’re looking at the world through. What happened to you yesterday set off a reaction that is very particular and deserves to be handled very particularly.

Don’t do a thing if it’s not helping you. No one says you have to read some great literature tonight or make a sourdough starter or do yoga with Adriene. Your brand may be more shadow boxing and eating pickles and yelling a little bit or taking a crazy floppy run in the rain. There are so many different versions of self care. Figure yours out.

Don’t listen to me.

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