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Self Care

I strongly believe in the importance of self care. 

It is vital to give your body and your nervous system the experience of calm, while at the same time looking at your thoughts and feelings. Regular exposure to sunlight, nourishing food, sleep and a calm living environment all contribute to a sense of well-being.

As a former health coach, I have spent years studying how exercise and nutrition build a particular brand of resilience. I bring this work to my clients, holding them accountable for wellness goals we set together. I love educating clients on the benefits working on loosening ingrained habits and building new ones consciously. Developing a routine of taking care of your body makes you more attuned to its signals.

Some of us know we need to get more sleep, but it feels impossible. Some of us know our nightly wine has become a crutch, but it’s never the right time to face it head on. And our attachment to social media? Out of control and a direct route to sadness and eating thin mints till we’re numb.

There is nothing wrong with you for trying to soothe yourself in these ways. And you don’t have to white-knuckle through pain or renounce all pleasure. We can talk honestly about which habits you need right now and which are making you miserable or keeping you stuck. I don’t prescribe, I collaborate with and challenge you.